Chronology of this site's
smartphone pages

09 Apr 2021: The YouTube video introducing my book, by Des Économistes et des Hommes (Dec 2018) floated in SP version.
27 Mar 2020: My article in Swiss quarterly magazine Le Temps Stratégique (Jul 1998) floated in SP version.
17 Mar 2020: Smartphone version of the excellent review by C.Puhl in Le Républicain Lorrain (Nov 1997).
15 Mar 2020: Smartphone version of the 1-page summary in French of my book floated.
13 Mar 2020: Smartphone version of the English 4-page summary of the Rich States System theory floated.
11 Mar 2020: Smartphone "The Issue" page floated.
07 Mar 2020: The 4-page summary of Le Secret de l'Occident added in smartphone version.
01 Mar 2020: Smartphone version of the brilliant review of Le Secret de l'Occident (1997-edition) with long interview, by A.Vos in the Journal de Genève (Nov 1997) floated.
01 Mar 2020: The central press clipping list page available in sp format.
01 Mar 2020: This history page introduced.
28 Feb 2020: End of service provider failure.
24 Jan 2020: Start of service provider failure.
04 Feb 2018: The SP welcome page made available.
03 Feb 2018: The article by J.Cornette in Collections de l'Histoire (Jan 2008) floated in sp version.
23 Oct 2017: The special issue of Gerflint journal "Synergies Monde Méditerranéen" (Feb 2015), devoted to my book Le Secret de l'Occident (2007-edition), floated.

Created: 01 Mar 2020
Modified: 09 Apr 2021