The French YouTube "ThinkerView" broadcast (790,000 followers) interviewed Éric Denécé in September 2019. Éric Denécé is a French geographer and political scientist. He has worked in the military industry and in the secret services. He currently is director of the "Centre français de recherche sur le renseignement", in Paris. At the end of the interview, Eric Denécé enthusiastically recommendeded my book The Secret of the West (2008 edition) to the 414'000 viewers.

(Éric Denécé: "La France en danger: où en est le renseignement?", ThinkerView,, 11 September 2019, vidéo de 1 heure 33 minutes.)

Eric Denécé reminds that my approach aims at understanding what does exist, and at avoiding to fall into old pre-defined ideological categories, fleeing any affective bias (the bad habit of ascribing good guys and bad guys roles, which confuses the analyses and makes us lose any scrutiny sharpness). That approach does not impede to keep some tools from previous theories, when those are fruitful.

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(The quote takes place from 1 hr 26min to 1 hr 29min)

At the end of this interview, Éric Denécé warmly recommended my book The Secret of the West (2008) to the listeners, in the interval 1hr26min-1hr29min.

11 September 2019

414'000 views (!)
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