The "Reader of the Day" nominated by on 10 February 2020 was holding a copy of LSO2008. Babelio's journalist met him by chance in the Northern Station, in Paris., The Reader of Monday, on Facebook, 10 Feb 2020.

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A Theory of Science

Cosandey Every Monday we introduce to you a reader that we have met by chance on the street.

Today Redouane B. was darting across Paris' North Station holding in his hand 'The Secret of the West, towards a general theory of scientific progress' by David Cosandey.

"I discovered this book on an online media that is politically oriented, but that I like to follow: ThinkerView. [Webmaster comment: the interview of Éric Denécé on 11 Sep 2019.] The author was quoted at the end of an interview about his thesis on the evolution of different civilizations throughout history, with the question of departure: why has Western civilization long been considered the most advanced and developed?

I've read a hundred pages, in which he reviews cultural, religious, ethnic and climate analyses of the evolution of different civilizations compared to the West. What I find interesting is that his analyses always start from precise historical facts.

So I recommend this book to those who are interested in the subject."

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