A paper published around January 2013 by Florence Loriaux of Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, relying on my book The Self-Imposed Failure of Pensions Systems (2003/2004) to explain the inter-generation solidarity deficit entailed by present-day retirement systems.
Florence Loriaux: "Sociétés vieillissantes et solidarités intergénérationnelles: l’indispensable alliance des âges", approx. Jan 2013, stored on the Generations website. Generations, an international association (AISBL), was founded in 1997 to foster research on the societal effects of aging, retirement systems and intergenerational relations. It is hosted by University of Louvain, Belgium.

Safety copy of internet version: May 2013. PDF File. Source (article).
The Failure of Pension Systems

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