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          About me:          

My interests, biography, how I look like.

          My research on the history of civilizations:          

My theory for the rises and falls of science in civilizations, explaining in particular the Western Miracle of the IIth millenium.
Books (Le Secret de l'Occident, 1997, 2007 – L'Europe et la Science, 1999), summaries, quotes, review articles, interviews over 1997–2017.

My theory for the worldwide birthrate decline in the XXth-XXIth centuries.
Book (La Faillite coupable des retraites, 2004), summaries, quotes, review articles, interviews.

          My work in financial modelling:          

Oct 2001: “Adjusting Value-at-Risk for Market Liquidity”, Risk Magazine, Oct 2001, p.115-118.
Republished in the 25th anniversary issue of Risk Magazine in July 2012.

Dec 2002: “Swiss Corporate Bankruptcy Rates (1911–2000): Building A Time Series”, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Vol 16, 2002, Number 3, p.337–357.

Oct 2002: “Avoiding Procyclicality”, Risk Magazine, Oct 2002, p.62-63 (with U.Wolf).

          My biographies:          

The lives of historians Fernand Braudel, Joseph Needham, Max Weber, Karl Wittfogel, Eric Jones.

Jan 2014: 280 page-biography of Charles E. Maillefer (1921–2017), owner and director of Maillefer SA (1960-1987), Renens/Ecublens, Switzerland, 06 Jan 2014.
(Not yet published).

Mar 2023: My biography of Pierre Vittoz (1926-1978). Pierre Vittoz was my third cousin once removed.

          My review articles about other books:          

A review of Peter Gran's The Rise of the Rich (2008), published in American journal "International Sociology Reviews" in 2015.

          My results in pure mathematics:          

Research on prime numbers:
Apr 2017 (waiting for publication): "A Study of the Goldbach problem", completed 17 Jan 2017.

          My results in astrophysics:          

On my discovery of a closed supermassive black hole binary in the neighbouring galaxy Centaurus A – by re-reading the picture produced by the great EHT project. This binary is a very tight one, the tightest known: a dream come true for giant black hole astrophysicists.
"A close supermassive black hole binary in Centaurus A?", "Astrophysics and Space Science", 23 September 2022.

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